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Pasta Types and Pasta Varieties: Fettuccine, Tortellini, Linquine & More.


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Guide to Types of Pasta & Pasta Varieties

Colored pasta, Long Pasta, Ribbon Pasta, Tubular Pasta, Special Shapes, Soup Pasta, Stuffed Pasta, Spaghetti, Linguine, Fettuccine, Penne, Macaroni, Farfalle, Gnocchi, Ravioli, Tortellini, Lasagna


RED PASTA- To prepare a red pasta just add one tbs of tomato paste for each egg in the recipe.

GREEN PASTA - For green pasta, add 4oz/ 120 g of fresh spinach or 2 1/2oz/ 75 g of thawed frozen spinach for every egg called for in the recipe.

YELLOW PASTA - The spice, saffron is used to make the dough yellow. Begin by soaking a pinch of dried or  some finely chopped strands of saffron in 2 tbs of water. Let the saffron soak for approximately 5 minutes and then mix it into the dough.

there are many shapes of pasta, long, special, tubular and more

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long pasta includes some famous favorites like spaghetti, linguine, and fusilli

  • Spaghetti is the  best-known pasta shape: long, narrow and sturdy.
    Spaghetti in clam sauce is a common favorite among patrons of Italian cuisine.
  • Spaghettini is thin spaghetti.
  • Capelli d'Angelo, means "angel hair."
  • Linguine means "tongues." It is a flat spaghetti and a versatile pasta that makes a delicious meal when combined with a versatile sauce, such as pesto.
  • Bucatini is a thick, hollow spaghetti also known as "perciatelli."
  • Fusilli is a spiraled spaghetti that comes in varying sizes.

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ribbon pasta includes such favorites as tagliatelle and fettuccine

  • Pappardelle is the widest, ribbon egg noodle.
  • Tagliatelle originated in Bologna and is the most familiar of the ribbon pastas.
    It is nicely accompanied by a Ragu Bolognese sauce.
  • Tonnarelli originated in Abruzzi and is traditionally cut on a chitarra.
  • Fettuccine, also known as "trenette," are long, flat noodles.
  • Tagliolini is a narrow ribbon pasta. It is usually served with a broth, rather than a sauce, because it is a delicate, thin pasta.

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Tubular pasta includes penne, rigatoni, and macaroni, delicious pasta dishes

  • Penne ("pens") is a short, tubular pasta cut at an angle. It can be served with a heavy meat sauce, like a lamb ragu.
  • Garganelli is a handmade, egg-based, tubular pasta.
  • Cavatappi ("corkscrews") is a thick, twisted pasta.
  • Macaroni are hollow pasta tubes cut in varying lengths. Vegetable sauces go well with tubular pastas because their cavities capture the vegetable pieces.
  • Tubetti are small pasta tubes.
  • Rigatoni are ridged pasta tubes.
  • Millerighe ("thousand lines") are multi-ridged pasta tubes.
  • Gigantoni ("giants") are the largest of the tubular pasta shapes.
  • Ziti ("spinsters" or "bachelors") is a thick macaroni.

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special shape pasta, like farfalle, gnocchi, and fusilli

  • Farfalle ("bow ties") is a butterfly shaped pasta.
  • Conchiglie ("shells") range in size from very small to quite large.
    The shape of conchiglie pasta, together with the taste of a sardine sauce, will undoubtedly remind the chef of an oceanside meal.
  • Gnocchi are potato dumplings in their most basic form, although there are ingrediant, size and shape variations.
  • Chianti Specialty is pasta shaped into grapes or leaves and colored appropriately.
  • Lumache ("snails") come in varying sizes and are good with thick sauces.
  • Orecchiette ("little ears") are native to Apulia where they are, to this day, handmade.
  • Radiatori ("radiators") is a deeply-ridged thick pasta shape. 
  • Fusilli is a short, springy pasta, either long or short. Why not try fusilli pasta with a shepherd's sauce? Both are easy to make and delicious to eat.
  • Strozzapreti ("priest stranglers") is a thick, twisted pasta.
  • Ruote di carro ("cartwheels") is the fun, wheel-shaped pasta popular in Sicily.

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soup pasta fits with italian soup recipes and soup dishes

  • Quadrucci is a small, square-shaped pasta. Choosing a pasta for a bean and pasta soup is important for the outcome of the dish. Adding quadrucci is a good way to ensure the success of this meal.
  • Risoni is the small, rice-shaped pasta.
  • Alfabetini is the pasta in the shape of letters.
  • Stelline is a star-shaped pasta. Add it to liven up any soup especially when serving it to children.
  • Anelli siciliani is a ring-shaped pasta.
  • Acini di pepe are small dots of pasta.

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there are many delicious stuffed pastas, like ravioli dishes, tortellini recipes, lasagna and more

  • Ravioli is a small, stuffed pasta.
  • Pansoti is a triangular-shaped stuffed pasta.
  • Tortellini are square or circular folded pasta that are stuffed and then pinched into rings.
    They can be stuffed with virtually anything. Matching the stuffing with the sauce is the first step in creating a great pasta dish.
  • Cannelloni is a pipe-shaped pasta.
  • Lasagna is the wide pasta shape that is layered with sauce and baked, to make the classic dish Lasagna.
  • Cappelletti is a small, pleated pasta.

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