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Crepes in Broth Recipe
(Scripelle 'mbusse' Vecchia Silvi)

Central Abruzzo
Servings: 2 people
Difficulty level: 3
Main Dish

Prep time: 00:20
Cook time: 00:20

Prepare the meat broth:
Peel the onion and carrot. Wedge the carrot. Place the onion, carrot and celery stalk in the water. Add the meat and season with salt. Gently simmer for 2 hours and then strain.
Prepare the batter:
Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Whisk in the flour.  Add 2/3 of the water and mix well. Add enough of the remaining water to make a very thin batter of pouring consistency. Let the batter rest for 15 minutes.
GREASE a skillet with olive oil and heat over high heat.

Use a medium-size ladle to pour in the batter, tilting the pan making sure it is COATED with batter.

Fry the crepe until it is set. LIFT the edge with a fork and turn it over.

Fry on both sides until set. Continue to make the crepes until all the batter is used. Transfer the crepes to a dish. Sprinkle them with cheese. ROLL the crepes and place them in a soup bowl.

Break them with your fingers, if necessary, to make them fit. Place 3-4 pieces in each bowl. Ladle the broth over the crepes and sprinkle them with grated cheese. Serve immediately.

Notes: This dish is synonymous with Abruzzo  and is one of the region's traditional dishes.

Wine is not suggested with this dish as the flavors would not combine well. However, if one is particularly desired, try a white or red Friuli

Onion 1
Carrot 1
Celery stalk 1
Water 1 3/4 L
Boneless beef or chicken 100 g
Tomatoes 2
Salt to taste

Eggs 4
White flour 8 tbs
Wate  2 cups
Olive oil 1/2 cup
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese  150 g

Vegetable peeler
Chef's knife
Cutting board
Medium-size ladle
Non-stick crepe pan
Paper towels
Fork or spatula



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